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The government has decided to establish a university named "Delhi Sports University" in the National Capital Territory of Delhi. The specific date of establishment will be determined and notified in the official Gazette by the government.

Corporate Entity

The Delhi Sports University will have a distinct legal personality and will be considered a "body corporate" with the following characteristics:

  • It will have perpetual succession, meaning it will exist indefinitely.
  • It will have a common seal.
  • It will have the power to acquire, hold, and dispose of property.
  • It will have the authority to enter into contracts.
  • It can sue or be sued in its own name.
Government Approval

There is a provision stating that any land acquired and buildings constructed with government assistance cannot be disposed of without the prior approval of the government. This implies that the government has some oversight or control over the disposal of university property funded by it.

Constitution of University Officials

The passage also mentions the initial composition of the university's key officials and bodies. These include:

  • Chancellor: The head of the university.
  • First Vice-Chancellor: The initial leader responsible for the university's academic and administrative matters.
  • First members of the Board of Management: This is likely a governing body responsible for overseeing various aspects of the university's functioning.
  • First members of the Council of Sports and Academics: This council may be responsible for matters related to sports and academics within the university.
  • First Registrar: The initial official responsible for maintaining university records.

Vision and Mission

Core Objectives:

The delhi sports university aims to promote sports, academics, and research in various sports-related and allied disciplines. It also seeks to promote professional excellence in sports.

Teaching, Learning, and Research:

The delhi sports university is responsible for creating systems and processes for teaching, learning, research, training, and professional development in the field of sports and allied disciplines.

Academic Awards:

The delhi sports university has the authority to award diplomas, certificates, degrees, and other academic distinctions based on examinations or other testing methods.

Honorary Degrees:

It can confer honorary degrees or other distinctions in accordance with prescribed procedures.


The delhi sports university can receive benefactions, donations, and gifts and name chairs, institutions, buildings, etc., after donors.

Academic Standards:

The delhi sports university sets academic and sports-based professional standards for admission, including examinations or other selection methods.

Scholarships and Awards:

It can institute and award fellowships, scholarships, studentships, medals, and prizes.

Student Welfare:

It supervises the residence of students, promotes their health and welfare, and makes special arrangements for women students.


It regulates the conduct of both students and employees, enforces discipline, and takes necessary disciplinary measures.

Property Management:

The delhi sports university can acquire, hold, manage, and dispose of property, including trust and endowment properties, with prior approval.


With government approval, it can borrow money for university purposes, using university property as security.


The delhi sports university can create various positions, including academic, sports-professional, administrative, and others, and make appointments according to its statutes. It also defines the terms and conditions of service for its employees.


The delhi sports university has the authority to cooperate, collaborate, or associate with other universities, authorities, sports-related organizations, or institutions of higher learning for specific purposes.

Approval of Institutions:

It can approve institutions of higher learning, specialized sports training, and persons working in such institutions for imparting instruction or conducting research.


The delhi sports university can set up facilities for sports, academics, research, training, curriculum development, and specialized training in various sports and exercise sciences.

Research and Advisory Services:

It can provide research, advisory, and training services and enter into arrangements with other organizations for this purpose.

Needs Assessment:

The delhi sports university assesses the needs of students in terms of subjects, specialization, and technical manpower and initiates programs to meet these needs.

Industry Collaboration:

It collaborates with the sports industry and professionals to promote excellence in sports, academia, and research.

Distance Learning:

The delhi sports university provides for instruction through distance learning and open approaches, facilitating student mobility between formal and non-formal learning streams.


It develops an operational scheme for ensuring accountability of teachers and employees within the university system.


The delhi sports university prescribes codes of ethics for teachers, codes of conduct for employees, and codes of discipline for students.

General Powers:

The delhi sports university has the authority to perform all other acts necessary or incidental to its powers and objectives.

These powers and functions collectively define the scope of activities and responsibilities of the university in its mission to promote sports, academics, and research in the specified fields.

UGC Approved University:

A representative of University Grants Commission (UGC): The University Grants Commission is a statutory body in India that is responsible for coordinating and maintaining the standards of higher education in the country. A representative of the UGC in the governing body of the institution would likely serve as a liaison between the institution and the UGC, ensuring that the institution complies with UGC regulations and standards.

A representative of Sports Academy of India, Govt. of India: This representative would likely be associated with the Sports Academy of India, which is a government entity focused on promoting sports and sports-related activities in India. Their role in the governing body could involve providing expertise, guidance, and input on matters related to sports education, training, and development within the institution

UGC Approved University